We delivered 10 webinars over the 2019/2020 academic year, including our very popular webinars during the pandemic lockdown.

This purchase will give you instant access to 10 webinars which include:

EYFS & Year 1 Ten Frames – Our popular EYFS/Year CPD session based on our Ten-Frames course we deliver in-house to schools.
Maths Legacy EYFS-Year 1 – This session goes through why maths mastery really starts in EYFS and Year 1 and how our Maths Legacy course (www.mathslegacy.com) will have an instant impact in your school which will be felt for many years.
Maths Mastery – Maths mastery is a very misunderstood term and this CPD session goes through some key Maths Mastery elements.
The Power of CPA – The CPA approach is awesome but not everyone ‘gets it’ but we promise you this session will allow you to understand why the CPA approach is a must in your classroom.
Fractions – Fractions is a huge topic in maths and one that many children struggle with. We look at what the KEY is to understanding fractions and how to excel in the topic.
Decimal and Percentage – We’ve been told that this was THE webinar that made the largest impression on those who attended the webinar. Don’t miss this session whatever you do!
Introduction to Bar Modelling – Though we would always recommend our face-to-face training, this session looks at the basics of bar modelling and covers some key aspects schools have to get right for an effective whole-school approach.
Non-standard Bar Model Questions – In this CPD session we go through some challenging non-standard questions which can be covered by the bar model approach.
Algebra – Algebra doesn’t have to be all abstract, especially when we start to teach the topic. This webinar covers how visual algebra can support the teaching of this challenging topic as well as reminds us how bar-modelling is an excellent pre-requisite for algebra.
SATs A Wrap – In our final webinar we take a look at Year 6 SATs questions and how visualisation and bar modelling supports your pupils understand and solve questions.

Each webinar is approximately 1 hour and covers a wide breadth of the subject title. We had over 1100+ teachers attend our EYFS webinar and many of the other webinars had between 200-800 teachers attend, with outstanding feedback where nearly all teachers stating that the online webinars were very effective.


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Webinars Package (Individuals)

This purchase will give you instant access to 10 webinars which include:

EYFS & Year 1 Ten Frames
Maths Legacy EYFS-Year 1
Maths Mastery
The Power of CPA
Decimal and Percentage
Introduction to Bar Modelling
Non-standard Bar Model Questions
SATs A Wrap

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