Introduction to Bar Modelling

The Training

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Our Training Packages

We specialise in Bar Model training and deliver to Primary schools, Secondary schools, and educational organisations all over England and the world. We know what works well in schools and focus on what teachers need support with which is why our training packages are so effective.

Some schools are already using Singapore Maths resources and are looking for cutting-edge training that allows their staff to take more control of the Bar Model approach and flourish when they tackle challenging concepts within the resources they use. We are familiar with both the popular resources schools choose to use when thinking of the Singapore Maths approach in England.

Give Your Staff Many “Aha” Moments!

Our Popular CPD

These are our core CPD packages which we feel are essential to enable your school to excel in maths.

We also have bespoke packages to cover the needs of your school, so if you have something in mind then do contact us.

Intro to Bar Modelling

Our signature CPD session goes through the core essentials of the bar modelling approach and pushes on to challenging aspects of bar modelling.

EYFS Maths Training

Our EYFS training focussed on using five and ten frames to master number work for EYFS and Year 1. All our ten frames strategies are revealed and your staff will be shocked by the outcomes of our training.

Secondary Bar Modelling

The bar model approach can significantly improve understanding of key concepts in maths at even secondary level. This training day goes through exactly how we envisage your teachers using bar models to support learners.

Teaching to Mastery

Visualisation and maths mastery go hand in hand and this effective CPD session will give your staff the skills to implement maths mastery.

Advanced Bar Modelling

This advanced bar modelling session focuses on more challenging aspects of bar modelling and in particular advanced-level questions including some very challenging ‘before and after’ questions.

Parent Workshop

Parents are becoming more and more influential in supporting their children through their maths. This session aims to empower your parents in using bar models and or visual approaches.