Bar Model Playing Cards


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Bar Model Playing Cards (Pack of 12)

These are our awesome fun trump cards for Reception and Year 1 class. Each pack has 40 unique characters with stats for Attack and Defence. The 40 characters will include superheroes, normal people, adults and children. There are many ways to use these cards and each and every one of these games and tasks covers an EYFS goal and or Year 1 learning objective.

We really think our playing cards can support learning and give your pupils the 1st steps in bar modelling in a much more engaging way. The CPA approach is used as you can literally put the cards side by side and see how 7 is 2 more than 5 as an example. We are still finalising the product and may decide to take the numbers out of the bars, so the final product may slightly differ to the picture shown to represent the product on this page.

This purchase is for 12 packs of 40 cards. Each card is 62mm by 100mm.

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