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Visualisation through Bar Modelling

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Visualisation, or “seeing the maths” is an incredibly important part of understanding complex maths concepts and in algorithms. The bar model approach allows you to teach certain topics so that your children can “see” the maths in front of them. Why does that matter? When you can see the maths, you can start to understand maths. Visualisation should play a huge part in our planning and therefore the way we teach Maths topics.

Research from Jerome Bruner suggests that using the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach is fundamental to understand complex concepts. Our Visualisation CPD looks at ways we can introduce new mathematical concepts, in different topics, by using the bar model approach.

Visualisation CPD can be broken down into these topics:

  • Visualisation: Fractions – Two-day CPD which covers all aspects of fractions including problem-solving.
  • Ratio, Percentages and Decimals (with hints of fractions) – A one-day session where we link the three topics and show you how connected they are. The sessions main focus is the use of Bar Models to teach Ratio, Percentages and Decimals. We also investigate the link between fractions and decimals and how to teach these using visual strategies.
  • EYFS (half day) –  in our EYFS training session we look at introducing ten frames to support visual methods to understand numbers.
  • Visualising Algebra – Algebra for some pupils is a very challenging concept which has historically been taught in a flat abstract way. Our algebra CPD session really supports teachers and pupils understanding of basic and complex algebraic concepts.
  • Visualisation in Maths – We are really passionate about the CPA approach and hence we also deliver CPD on using visual approaches when teaching Maths. These visual approaches include the bar model approach as well as alternative approaches for topics where bar models would not necessarily be used.

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The above video is an example of how easy Bar Modelling can make complex Ratio questions.

Our Bar Model Trainers

Our training is led by experienced trainers who have a history of excellence in teaching and training in the subject. The Bar Model approach is very new to England and therefore we have seen many issues with schools using free resources made by organisations who do not have as much experience in the approach as some of our consultants and trainers. Our trainers are not only passionate about the approach but some have also been in a bar modelling environment since their own primary education before becoming a teacher in Singapore and now in England. This is why we feel we are in the ideal position to support your school.


Visualisation through Bar Models

Are you ready to Bar Model? To book your Visualisation CPD session, complete the short contact form by following the link below.

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